General Course Description

Required Courses and Credits:

  • Each student in the New York Mills School District is required to participate in a full year of physical education from grades 7-12. To be eligible for senior graduation a student must complete 2 credits in physical education. Each year from grades 9-12 is worth ½ credit toward the graduation requirement. Students must pass each of these 4 years to gain the 2 needed credits for commencement.

Physical Education at New York Mills is based upon the following goals: developing and maintaining positive attitude toward movement and sport; developing a higher level of competence in skills and knowledge of movement and sport; developing and maintaining an optimal level of personal fitness. The physical education curriculum is based on a program that includes individual sports, team sports, and fitness/wellness.

Individual Sports

Team Sports



Table Tennis

Track & Field

Flag Football

Field Hockey




Floor Hockey

Team Handball

Cooperative Games


Multicultural Games


Presidential Fitness Test


Personal Fitness




Gymnasium- At the secondary level we will have the use of one (1) gymnasium to be shared by both boys and girls instructors. The gym has a divider that splits in the center.

 Athletic Fields- We will have the use of all athletic fields for physical education classes.

Outdoor facilities include:

    • 1 Regulation Football Field
    • 1 Regulation Baseball Field
    • 1 Regulation Softball Field
    • 1 Regulation Field Hockey Field
    • 1 All Weather Track

 Time Allotment:

  • Each student will be scheduled to meet three times per week for physical education class. Class periods will last for 39 minutes. This includes time for changing, attendance , warm-up, instruction and skill development.