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    Freshmen mandatory class meeting Today Thursday March 30th after school in Ms. Viel's room to discuss fundraising. 



     batter Modified Baseball Sign-ups and player meeting

    tomorrow  Friday March 31st 3:00 pm in the HS boys locker room. 

    All 7th - 9th grade boys interested in playing must attend.










    softball Modified Softball Meeting Friday March 31st  at 3:15                                                in the Girls'Locker Room






    Attention Juniors and Seniors!  The Prom committee is in need of artificial christmas trees and white christmas lights.  If you have either items and are willing to let us borrow them, please speak to Mrs. Gates, Ms. Foote or Mrs. Hartmann.








    sportballs                                                                                                                                                                               Winter Sport                                 

                         Athletic Recognition

                    Sunday, April 2nd

                     7:00 pm

                       High School Auditorium








    The NYM Marauders Athletic Booster Club is sponsoring a Spring Raffle.  Items to be raffled off are a Dyson V6 Slimm cordless Vacuum, 4 x 6 oval rug and a Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee Maker.  Drawing will be held April 5.  Tickets are 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00 on sale at the attendance office or at upcoming sporting events.











    Spring Sport Pictures

    Varsity Thursday April 6th

    3pm Golf, 3:15 pm Varsity Baseball, 3:30 pm Varsity Softball, 3:45 Track

    Modified Thursday April 13th

    3:00 pm Modified Baseball, 3:15 pm Modified Softball, 3:30 pm Modified Track



    order forms can be downloaded here from the coach or picked up in the counseling office

    form and payment due on picture day


    order form




    7th Grade Construction Career Day

    Thursday June 1, 2017 9:15 to 12:30 pm

    Madison-Oneida BOCES 4937 Spring Road, Verona

    The program will be conducted and supervised by faculty and construction professionals and will enable students to observe interactive exhibits, trade industry displays and demonstration projects.  They will include (but are not limited to):

    • Demonstrations of heavy equipment such as backhoes and skid steer loader
    • Skilled trades professionals demonstrating welding, masonry, plumbing, electrical installation and materials testing
    • Visits to Career Tech Construction Classrooms/labs
    • Lunch with the construction professionals
    • Student participation in hands-on activities


    A bag lunch and drink will be provided to each attendee.  We will provide transportation to and from the event.  Permission forms are available in the counseling office and must be returned by April 11. 







    Seniors,  there are new scholarships arriving weekly.  Check out the guidance section or stop by the guidance/counseling office. 







         Prom Weekly Announcements

    • Prom Tickets go on sale next week!
    • There is 32 days before prom!
    • It's one month from prom, tickets go on sale next week!
    • 4 days until prom tickets go on sale, make sure to buy yours!
    • Although it's Friday and everyone wants to get out of here for the weekend, remember to bring money to buy your tickets next week!



        Science Fun Facts For the Week

    • An adult is made up of around 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms.
    • It might seem hard to believe, but we have about the same number of hairs on our bodies as a chimpanzee, it's just that our hairs are useless, so fine they are almost invisible.
    • Surprisingly, not all the useful DNA in your chromosomes comes from your evolutionary ancestors - some of it was borrowed from elsewhere.  Your DNA includes the genes from at least eight retroviruses.
    • Your eyes are very sensitive, able to detect just a few photons of light.  If you take a look on a very clear night at the constellation of Andromeda, a little fuzzy patch of light is just visible with the naked eye.  If you can make out that tiny blob, you are seeing as far as is humanly possible without technology.  Andromeda is the nearest large galaxy to our own Milky Way.  But "near" is a relative term in intergalactic space - the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5m light years away.  When the photons of light that hit your eye began their journey, there were no human beings.  We were yet to evolve.  You are seeing an almost inconceivable distance and looking back in time through 2.5m light years.
    • If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you exactly 42 minutes and 12 seconds to get to the other side.











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