School Supplies

    • Backpack                                                                                         
    • 1 box of tissues                                                                                          
    • Cleaning wipes
    • regular sized pencil box with lid                                                                                       
    • 2 Spiral notebooks (1 green and 1 yellow) 
    • 1 highlighter
    • 1 2-pocket folder
    • lots of pencils
    • extra erasers
    • white board kit (a ziploc bag with a few white board markers and and old sock or piece of felt to use as and eraser)

    Optional Supplies: colored pencils, scissors, glue stick, pencil sharpener 

    We have scissors and glue available in the classroom and students will be given crayons, but sometimes they want to have their own in a pencil box.

    Our classroom Wish List always includes:

    • cleaning wipes and kleenex tissues (I'll let you know as we need more)

    • extra dry erase markers, pencils, and glue sticks (for some reason they always seem to disappear)
School Supplies