• Strategic Goals for 2016-17

    GOAL 1:   VISION, MISSION, CORE BELIEFS: To collaboratively develop and approve a district vision, mission and core beliefs that will be shared with all stakeholders, be used on letterheads and school mailings in order for all to refer to these as guidelines for decision-making and continuous improvement in the district.


    • To unify the community around a clear understanding of the vision/purpose for our school.

    • To dedicate ourselves to the mission of realizing this vision for our students and community.

    • To use our vision, mission and core beliefs when making decisions; all decisions should align with and lead us to achievement of our vision.

    GOAL 2 COMMUNICATION: To provide regular communication structures within the school community in order for consistency and transparency of message and work in order that we can support student academic and extra-curricular success by partnering with our school community in order to accomplish all District Comprehensive Educational Improvement Plan goals and action steps.

    • Student academic and extra-curricular achievements

    • Staff achievements

    • Capital Project Progress

    • Positive Outcomes and Results from our Focus School Designation

    • Process of hiring new school leaders in the district

    • Increased New York State Assessment rates rather than opt-out option

    GOAL 3  BUDGET: To support the school through BOE and school leader review of data and identification of strategic fiscal and programmatic needs in the areas of leadership, curriculum and instruction, social/emotional developmental health and parent engagement in order to improve teaching and learning.

    • Identification of leadership needs within the district for hiring purposes and for providing support for new leadership – two new principals and superintendent.

    • Providing instructional support through BOCES for curriculum development, establishing of data structures within our district, and adopting a Professional Development Plan that includes teacher support in developing student learning targets, differentiating instruction and providing formative assessments to check for student understanding.

    • Examination of student data and programs supporting our students’ learning, including looking at our special education data in order to make changes that will increase opportunities and academic performance.

    • Approve the district Response to Intervention Plan that clearly maps district academic and social/emotional supports for students.

    • Support and attend school and community events to increase our parent partnerships and to encourage increased involvement in supporting our staff and students.