Elementary School Bus Schedule

  • Time to be ready: 7:25 AM
    Last pick up: 8:00 AM

    Red: Main from Burrstone to Walcott, Sauquoit, Garden, Walcott, White, Floyd, St. Stanislaus, Greenman, Wetmore, Blitzen Circle, Hillside, Wadas, lower Young

    Green: New Hartford, Crescent, Henderson, Burr, Royal Brook, Collins Lane, West Dr.,Clinton, Burrstone

    Orange: lower Dudley, lower Wilcox, Calder, lower Myers, 1st-9th, Campbell, Douglas, Montrose, Lamont, W. Whitesboro, Main from Walcott to Oriskany Blvd., French Rd., Clark, Mill Place, Campbell (north side and # 30 & below)

    Blue: Chestnut, Glod, Crestway, Cedar Lane, Pine, Beech, Maple, Cottage, Pleasant, Crandall, Elm, Meadow, Comenale Crescent, Porter, McPherson, Country Club, Parkside, Prospect, Pulaski, upper Young

    Purple: Winchester, Washington, Fairway, Davis, Shephard, Cross, Calvin, Andrews, Hillcrest, Ney Ave., upper Dudley, upper Wilcox, upper Myers, upper Montrose, Campbell (south side and # 30 & up)