COVID-19 Student Exposures K-6

  • We were recently informed of COVID-19 exposures impacting our school.

    If your child is in one or more of the classes or buses listed below, you will need to monitor your child for COVID-19 symptoms for a 10-day period starting on the date indicated. During this period, check your child’s temperature twice daily and watch for COVID-19 symptoms.

    A list of symptoms can be found at

    Should your child develop a fever or any symptoms, your child should stay home, isolate, and you should contact your healthcare provider for guidance, and if able, get your child tested for COVID-19.

    Thank you.

    Student Exposures:


    • Miss Crowley's Kindergarten Classrom and Mrs. Zbytniewski's Second Grade Classroom


    • Miss Crowley's Kindergarten Classroom


    • Grade 6: Ms. Williams' Classroom


    • Grade 3: Mrs. Steffen’s Classroom
    • Y-Program