• The School Food Service staff is looking forward to welcoming your children back to school.
    With families becoming ever more health conscious, the Food Service Department has kept up the pace with a variety of nutritious foods served daily. The Department understands the role of good nutrition as an important ingredient of students’ successful participation in scholastic, athletic, and extracurricular activities.
    Students are encouraged to eat a school lunch that is designed to meet one-third of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance Requirements. This year, the price for a school lunch will be $2.00. For your convenience, students are offered the opportunity to pre-pay for any number of lunches in advance. Most commonly, meal plans are purchased for:
                Elementary & Junior/Senior High: $20.00 for 10 lunches.
                Reduced Price: $2.50 for 10 lunches.
                Cafeteria prices are for school lunch: Elementary & Junior/Senior High:
    $2.00, Reduced Price: 25¢, Ice Cream: 50¢, Milk - 2%, 1%, Skim, 1%
    Chocolate: 50¢. A second entree is available for $1.25.
    Parents may prepay for lunches or breakfasts by sending in a check made out to the BOCES Food Service.
    Breakfast Program
    The New York Mills Elementary School offers a breakfast program for its
    K-6 students (in addition to lunch) every morning.
    Breakfast is served in the cafeteria as students get off the bus (8:15 - 8:30 a.m.,
    Monday through Friday) before the school day begins. Items on the breakfast
    menu will include a variety of cold cereals and pancakes, bagels, muffins, etc.
    (Be sure to read your breakfast menu as well as your lunch menu every day.)
    A special time has been set up for students in elementary band and chorus who
    would like to take advantage of the program. Students in band and chorus only
    may participate in the breakfast program at 7:45-8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday
    on their respective rehearsal days.
    The cost of breakfast will be 75¢. Elementary children who receive free or
    reduced price lunches are entitled to free or reduced price breakfast as well. High
    School students may purchase a la carte items at 7:30 a.m.