• Art 8 
    Description: Art 8 is an art class compiled of students that are in the 8th grade. This is a 10 week course that meets daily. Students will work with a variety of materials such as clay, watercolor, pencil, markers, crayons, ink and various papers. Students will be introduced to famous artists and become familiar with art vocabulary terminology. An art portfolio will be created to help students with organizational skills and used as a form of assessment. Projects will be in accordance with the New York State Standards for the Arts.
    Required materials are a pencil and white eraser. Optional materials are colored pencils, watercolor paints, and a smock.
    Art 7
    Description: Art 7 is a course compiled of students in 7th grade. It is 10 week course. Students will work with a variety of materials such as clay, watercolor, pencil, pastels and much more. Often it is the students first time working with such materials. The course will introduce a number of famous artists and art related vocabulary terminology. The students will learn how to move freely around a classroom retrieving materials as needed, while staying on task. Organization is a very important skill that will be mastered in this course.
    Required materials are a pencil, white eraser, watercolor paints and colored pencils. Optional materials an art smock.
    Advanced studio Art (Semester 1,2,)
    Description: Advanced studio Art (Semester 1,2,) This course helps prepare students with an Art Portfolio for College. Students are required to work with various art materials at an advanced level.
    Advanced studio Art (Semester 2,3,) This is a continuation of the 1st and 2nd semester.
    The Prerequisites for these courses are 1 year of Basic Art.
    Required art materials are a pencil, eraser, sketch book, watercolor paints, and a smock.
    Basic Art class(semester 1,2)
    Description: Basic Art class(semester 1,2) is a group of students of various grade levels. This class is a combination of Art History and Studio art. This class meets every day for 2 semesters. It is an intense course that teaches students HOW TO DRAW, as well as informing students of the importance of art in our history.
    The required materials for this course are a Sketch book, pencil, eraser, watercolor paints, and color pencils. Art smock optional.
    Description: Basic Art class( semester 3,4) a continuation of semester 1, 2.