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G Suite for Education

The New York Mills UFS is proud to announce that it is beginning to implement Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) and Google Chromebooks, as part of a continued effort to provide our students with even more opportunities to creatively learn, engage and communicate. 

G Suite is a secure, free cloud-based platform and is already used by numerous K-12 schools, as well as universities, throughout the state, country and even the world. It will enable our students, faculty and staff to communicate, create documents and collaborate with one another through the use of e-mail and a host of other tools. Students and teachers can use G Suite from any internet enabled device in and out of school, making “any time, any place” learning a reality.

Since G Suite is considered an extension of the classroom, the New York Mills UFS Acceptable Use Policy and Internet Use Policy apply to all G Suite accounts. The filtering and security policies ensure that G Suite is a secure online learning environment for students, faculty and staff.