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January 2021 Update - Playground

Last year, we enlisted the help of our elementary students in creating plans for the new playground, which is one aspect of our current capital project. Dr. Shelmidine went from classroom to classroom and got lots of feedback from students on what they would like the new playground to look like. Everyone agreed that the swings, slides, tunnels and paved areas were their favorite parts of the current playground. As for new additions, the most popular suggestions were zip lines, different types of swings and slides, poles, spinning/bouncing elements and a rubberized cushion material to replace the wood chips. Students also emphasized the importance of safety features, more space and more color (especially our Marauder orange and blue).

We're happy to report that the plans have been finalized and our students' vision has come to life! On Friday, Dr. Shelmidine visited each elementary classroom to show the students the result of their collaboration and answer questions about what happens next. The students were thrilled to see their ideas reflected in the playground plans, which would not have been possible without their creativity and ingenuity. The new playground will be built this summer and debuted at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. We’ll continue to share more updates as we go along, so stay tuned!

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