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At the New York Mills Union Free School District, principals and classroom teachers receive annual evaluations that result in a composite effectiveness score, and that score is translated into a final quality rating according to a formula set by state law.
Per the provisions of Education Law Section 3012-c, parents and legal guardians of a student may request the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each classroom teacher and building principal their child is assigned to for the current school year only. The final quality rating and composite effectiveness score of a classroom teacher and/or principal may only be released to the parents and/or legal guardians of a student.
Classroom teachers and principals are evaluated in accordance with the District's Annual Professional Performance Plan (APPR). The APPR is designed to measure teacher and principal effectiveness based upon performance, student achievement, and student growth. The Annual Professional Performance Review process is a new state governed process that determines the standards for these ratings and the process for assessing teachers' and principals' effectiveness. New York State teachers and principals are now evaluated and given a number grade that represents their effectiveness rating. The details for the evaluation process are determined locally by school districts, but K-12 teachers and principals in the State of New York are evaluated in three (3) areas: Classroom observations and evidence (or for principals, leadership and management observations), student growth, and student achievement. Teachers and principals receive an overall score on a one hundred (100) point scale. Final teacher and principal ratings correlate to the overall numerical score received:
SCORE:          RATING:
91-100             Highly
75-90               Effective
65-74               Developing
0-64                 Ineffective
New York State provides information concerning the APPR teacher evaluation process for parents at its website. These materials may help you better understand the details of the APPR teacher evaluation process and how it works.
The law requires that the New York Mills Union Free School District make reasonable efforts to verify that the person receiving the information is actually a parent or legal guardian of the student. To help us meet that requirement, we have adopted a process for parents and legal guardians to submit a written request. You can obtain a copy of the request form at the District Office or you can print a copy from our website here
You should return the request form to:
Mrs. Michele LaGase
Superintendent of Schools
New York Mills Union Free School District
1 Marauder Boulevard
New York Mills, NY 13417
Please keep in mind that under the Education Law of the State of New York, the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score released for a teacher and/or principal is intended only for the use of the requesting parent or legal guardian. Upon receipt of this information, the parent or legal guardian understands and agrees that this information should not be shared with others, including other parents and/or guardians, and that such information should not be shared via any type of social media.
If you have any questions you may contact Mrs. Michele LaGase at 315.768.8127.