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Emergency Closing

Emergency Closings Early Release Information

There are times when school must close early, open late, or not open at all due to weather or other emergencies. Such decisions are made by the Superintendent. The news media is then informed of this decision.

In the event of an emergency closing after students arrive at school, it is impossible for us to contact each parent individually to determine where your child should be sent. Therefore, you need to have a plan, we need to know your plan, and your child needs to know what to do. If the emergency requires immediate evacuation, or the roads are impassable, trying to pick up your child may be unsafe or impossible.

The three most viable options for your child are:
  1. Go home or to a sitter
  2. Take the bus to a prearranged emergency location
  3. Walk to a prearranged emergency location
The safety of your child will be best met if you take the time now to consider the options, develop a plan, and make sure your child and the school understand your plan. Emergency school closing forms will be sent home with K-6 students during the first few weeks of school. Grades 7-12 parents should contact the building principal if you need to make special arrangements.

Radio & Television Stations

Listed below are the local radio and television stations you should listen to or watch for school closings or delays due to inclement weather.
WLZW 98.7 FM
WFRG 104.3 FM
WKTV Channel 2 TV
YNN Channel 10 TV 

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