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  • The Marauder Way is alive and well!

    As we enter the new school year, I reflect back on my arrival to New York Mills almost three years ago. I am astounded by the growth New York Mills students have made both academically and emotionally. I am thankful for the caliber of students in the building that impress me on a daily basis. Our teachers work tirelessly to instill positive attitudes, community, perseverance and hard work. This is evidenced by highly engaged classrooms, a professional learning environment and a commitment to do what is right for kids. Last year the elementary building celebrated a tremendous success with the Book Fair that sold over 1,500 books, as well as a successful PARP event, which resulted in a win for the students on the Principal’s Challenge! In turn, I had to ride a mechanical bull! A feat only made possible by the tremendous support of our students, teachers and parents!  We also rolled out a K-12 Mentoring Program that matches students with teachers across the entire building, an initiative that will remain in place for years to come.

    We have many new initiatives in place enhancing instruction and fostering student engagement. We have implemented a new Special Education Program with our Integrated Co-Teach Model that supports student learning through a two-teacher format (classroom and special education teacher). While this program is a work-in-progress, students have already demonstrated growth and improvement in its early form. We are also excited as the school building begins to transform into a 21st-century learning environment. We installed upgraded Smartboards and added over 138 new Google Chromebooks in an effort to reach our goal of 1:1 devices for all students.

    This has truly been an exciting journey thus far and I look forward to the great things yet to come. 

    Brent M. Dodge
    K-12 Principal   

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