Board of Education Overview

Board of Education members
  • Board of Education Members

    Steve King: (President) (2025)  
    Kristin Hubley: (Vice President) (2028)
    Jacqueline Edwards: (2026)  
    Jeremy Fennell: (2028)
    Jonathan Fiore: (2024)  
    Kimberly Gyore: (2024)
    Robert Mahardy Jr.: (2027)

    Members of the Board of Education shall serve for five (5) years beginning July 1 following their election and each term shall expire on the thirtieth day of June of the fifth year. 

    Subcommittee Members

    Policy Committee: Kimberly Gyore/Chair, Jacqueline Edwards

    Facilities Committee: Michelle Jordan/Chair, Jacqueline Edwards

    Communications/Survey Committee: Robert Mahardy Jr./Chair, Michelle Jordan

    Health & Safety/ Transportation Committee: Steve King/Chair, Rob Mahardy Jr., Jonathan Fiore

    Finance: Jonathan Fiore/Chair, Kimberly Gyore, Jacqueline Edwards

    SBI: Steve King  

    SBI Alternate: Kristin Hubley