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    information for 3rd grade.


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    NYM Third Grade Page

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We Love Teaching


  • It is such a pleasure to welcome your child to 3rd grade! This year, he/she will experience many new and exciting educational experiences. Third grade brings many changes; your child will read more challenging texts, think critically, and begin to work independently. This will lead to a lifetime of successful learning. We are looking forward to making memories to last a lifetime! -Mrs. Steffen, Mrs. Moore, & Mrs. Smith

Class Announcements

  • WELCOME! We are excited for the class of 2019-2020.

    Please check back for updates in the next few weeks.

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  • Important Papers
     Please be on the lookout for "Important Papers" that are sent home (fieldtrip form, emergency contact form, emergency dismissal form) and return to school by Monday, September 9th. Thanks!
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  • P2

    Mrs. Steffen is a team leader for the Positivity Project. The Positivity Project (or P2) was created in order to help students build positive relationships and increase empathy. P2 is a research-based character education program designed to teach students about character strengths. The students will spend ten minutes per day learning about the 24 strengths. They will identify their own strengths, as well as those of others, through discussions and engaging activities. 

    Here is a calendar so you know when each strength will be discussed.

     2019-2020 Positivity Project Character Strengths Calendar


    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Intro Week
    • Curiosity
    • Teamwork
    • Open-Mindedness


    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Being present and giving others my attention 
    • Integrity
    • Perspective
    • Creativity 


    • Bravery
    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Knowing my words & actions affect others
    • Gratitude 


    • Kindness
    • Humility
    • Self-Control  


    • Optimism
    • Prudence
    • Perseverance
    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Supporting others when they struggle 


    • Forgiveness
    • Love
    • Enthusiasm


    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Cheering others’ success
    • Social Intelligence
    • Love of Learning 
    • Fairness
    • Humor


    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Identifying & appreciating the good in others 
    • Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence 
    • Purpose


    • Leadership
    • Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Outro Week




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  • 2019-2020

    This year, grades K-3 will have P.E. daily. Please remember to bring your sneakers. You are welcome to leave a pair in your closet.
    We will update the rest of the specials once the schedule is finalized. Thanks!
    Day 1- TBD
    Day 2- TBD
    Day 3- TBD
    Day 4- TBD

    Day 5- TBD
    Day 6- TBD

    Recess/Lunch is from 12:05-1:05 daily
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