Welcome to Mr. Vollmer's Art Studio! Come to room 145 to express yourself and make some awesome ART!!!

  • Mr. Vollmer is excited about teaching the NYM 7th-12th grade art students.  He has created the new Feats of Clay Art Club that will compete at OCC during the Feats of Clay Competition.  Each student will learn to love the pottery wheel and create ceramic art that will last forever!  Art is one of the best ways to create whole brain development and allow each student to learn how to problem solve while expressing their inner thoughts through different art mediums.  Art class will give each student an outlet to relieve their stress and create artwork that will make the whole family proud.

    Drawing, Painting & Sculpting 




         Teach you to observe characteristics of light, form, space, and composition that will literally transform how you see your surroundings.  Combining this constantly strengthening power of observation with a solid understanding of the history of art forms, your work will begin to evolve.  You’ll fine tune your techniques while finding your voice in art that is a unique perspective that’s distinctly yours.