• Parent Pickup 
    When picking up your child, please pull up to the orange cone.  This allows for about five cars to line up and creates an efficient and effective process.  Students will be instructed to walk to the cone, and then released to parents in the order that they arrive.  Once the five cars are loaded and leave, then the next car should pull up to the cone and we repeat the process.  Please do not leave your spot in line and "skip" other cars.  

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

    According to the New York Mills Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy, cell phones, wireless electronic communication devices, including walkie-talkies, cell phones, personal digital assistants, pagers, iPods and cameras, etc. are not allowed in school during the school day.  The use of such devices is allowed on school grounds only before or after school.  If a student is found having or using a device during school, he/she will be asked to relinquish the device and it will be stored in the office until a parent or guardian can pick it up.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our school academics focused and safe.  Refer to your 2011-2012 Parent-Student Handbook pages 59-61 for more detailed information.

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  • The Marauder Way
    Elementary Students follow three basic rules for behavior: Be respectful, Be Responsible, and Be trustworthy. 

    Please see page 19 of the student-parent handbook.

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