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National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

NHS Induction
NHS Induction

On April 11, 12 students were inducted into the New York Mills Union Free School District's Phi Delta Chapter of National Honor Society; our nation's oldest, largest and most prestigious student recognition program. Membership was based on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

In addition, two awards funded by donations from the Miga family and friends, were presented. Emily Pavlus received the Tutor of the Year Award in recognition of the time and commitment she has given to the Miga Mentoring Program. Similarly, Lamanh Nguyen was the recipient of the Walter Miga Memorial Award for her embodiment of the characteristics that defined Mr. Miga, including honesty, generosity and perseverance.

Furthermore, 10 members of the class of 2028 were inducted into the Phi Delta Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society on April 4. Selection was based upon the effective demonstration of the qualities held in high esteem by the society: leadership, character, citizenship, service and scholarship.

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