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Attendance & Schedule

No other indicator of student success is as reliable as the student's class attendance. Students who attend every class, every day, are the most likely to succeed. To help ensure student success, State Law requires that all students be in school during all days that school is in session (7:45 am to 2:19 pm).
On days of absence or tardiness, a parent or guardian should notify the school by telephone or e-mail of the student's absence. In all situations, a note explaining all absences or tardiness must be presented to the Attendance Secretary on the day of the student's return to school. Notes may also be e-mailed directly to the Attendance Office. Extended absences due to illness (3 or more days) may require a statement from your doctor.
Telephone: (315) 768-3378 

Jr./Sr. High Schedule

 Homeroom  7:45 AM - 7:50 AM (Same Teacher & Room as Period 1)
 Period 1  7:50 AM   End of Period 1  8:29 AM
 Period 2  8:32 AM  End of Period 2  9:11 AM
 Period 3  9:14 AM  End of Period 3  9:53 AM
 Period 4  9:56 AM  End of Period 4  10:35 AM
 Period 5  10:38 AM  End of Period 5  11:17 AM
 Period 6  11:20 AM  End of Period 6  11:59 PM
 Period 7  12:02 PM  End of Period 7  12:41 PM
 Period 8  12:44 PM  End of Period 8   1:23 PM
 Period 9  1:26 PM  End of Period 9  2:05 PM
 Period 10  2:08 PM  After School  2:40 PM