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“I Wish” Tradition Still Going Strong 22 Years Later

Twenty-two years ago, one of New York Mills’ most enduring traditions was created by second grade teacher Diane Goldin who, along with music teacher Jennifer Whitehill and speech teacher Deanne Balutis, taught her second grade class the song “I Wish” in sign language. In addition to learning the song, the second grade also decided to sponsor a giving tree to be decorated with donations of hats, gloves, scarves and winter accessories that would be collected throughout the elementary school.

Without fail, the second grade has carried out this tradition each and every year since! This year's second grade teachers include Amee Zbytniewski, Jennifer Goodfriend, Amanda Sullivan, Kim Zogby and Lynn Moore.

The song states "I wish that no one was hungry, or cold, or hurt, or frightened, or scared" which also reinforces the lessons of kindness and empathy that students are taught through the school’s partnership with the Positivity Project. This tradition is a favorite at New York Mills and will certainly endure for many years to come!

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