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Mr. Oles & Building Maintenance Staff Summer Projects

While the hallways are quieter over the summer, our maintenance staff is working hard to ensure that the building is in tip-top shape for the upcoming school year. Someone you will always see hard at work is Building Maintenance Worker Mr. Oles, who has been with us at New York Mills for 15 years! Mr. Oles has been in the industry for 30 years and has worked in facilities like the Sitrin Home, Faxton Hospital and Hamilton College. Although he is set to retire in four years and 18 months, we are so lucky to have him and his expertise for a few more years!

Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, it is especially imperative that we ensure that our building is as safe as possible for everyone in our school community. One of our maintenance workers’ typical summer projects is to clean and wax all of the floors, but this year they are taking it a step further. They have also been stripping the floors, and are using a new Microban antimicrobial floor finish instead of typical wax. When microbes come in contact with the floors, this special finish makes microorganisms unable to grow and reproduce. Utilizing this new floor finish is just one aspect of a comprehensive plan to keep our school clean and safe. We are so grateful to our maintenance staff for everything they do to help us create a positive learning environment for our students. Next time you see Mr. Oles or another one of our building maintenance workers, make sure to tell them “thank you!"

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