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School Motto is Chosen: ‘Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow’

With the help of our students, a school motto for the New York Mills Union Free School District has been selected.

The new school motto will be: “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.” The winning entry came from Emily Hutchings, an 11th grade student at New York Mills Jr./Sr. High School.

When it came time to come up with a school motto for the District, the Communications Sub Committee of the Board of Education knew that engaging the student body would be an essential part of the process. To garner student input, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Shelmidine asked students to think of a motto or tag line that reflected our school and District. About 30 entries were received, and the Board of Education then narrowed the list down to about 10 choices.

Students in grades 4-10 were then asked to cast votes on their favorite choice, and classrooms in grades K-3 were asked to vote as a class. After the votes were tallied, "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow" was the winner.

The winning entry by Emily Hutchings will now be placed on District letterhead, the District website, and more.

Congratulations to Emily on coming up with the winning entry, and thank you to all of our students who participated in choosing our new school motto!