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A Book Full of Lasting Memories

New York Mills Union Free School District administration, faculty, staff, and students can purchase yearbooks for the 2021-22 school year online.

Use the school code 2899 from the Yearbook Order Center web page to go to our respective page.

They’re currently $50 each for a limited time.

For an additional $5, students can get a one-line name plate. For $9, they can get a one-line name plate with an icon.

You’ll be prompted as a “Student” or “Business” prior to checkout. Students already in the system will find their name once it’s input. Others will click “Add Your Student” if the name doesn’t populate.

Administration, faculty, and staff who’d like a yearbook will use the Business hyperlink. Enter your first and last name when asked to provide your Business Name. “Add Business Name” if it doesn’t populate.

Users will be told if they’re successfully added.

Acceptable forms of payment include: PayPal, credit card, or electronic check.

For additional information, or if you have issues placing an order, please email