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Reminder for Class of 2024 Senior Portrait Sessions

Senior photos will be held in the New York Mills high school library on August 22. ALL SENIORS should be photographed by our new photographer, BJK Photos.

Students who have not yet signed up for an appointment for their senior photo session, please use the link below to pick a time slot and sign up as soon as possible. 

The photos will be used for the senior class composite that hangs in the school hallway (no other pictures will be accepted for the composite). 

Seniors may use the photo they receive from this session for the yearbook or they may choose to submit a photo from another photographer.

For more information, please read the senior photo session FLYER. Students that are unable to attend the photo session on August 22 at the school will need to call the photographer at (315) 280-4509 or visit their WEBSITE to set up an appointment in the BLK Photos studio.