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Laptop Cart Reservation (Outlook 2010)

Read the following instructions carefully. Failure to do so will result in your reservation request being denied.
  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 (shortcut on desktop/start menu)
  2. Click Calendar
  3. Select New Meeting
  4. Select Scheduling Assistant
  5. Click Add Attendees
  6. From the drop-down menu select All Equipment
  7. Select the asset you wish to reserve and click Resources to add it to the resources field and then click OK
  8. Click Add Rooms
  9. Select the classroom where the asset is going to be used and click Rooms to add it to the rooms field and then click OK
  10. Choose the date and time. NOTE: Times entered must match period start/end times. Example below is from the beginning of 2nd period to the end of 4th period
  11. Click on Appointment and add a subject in the format of Last Name – Room (e.g. Smith - Room 101)
  12. Review all required information (as noted before, if your request is in the wrong format it will be denied)
  13. Click Send
  14. You will receive an email from the room saying that "Your request was accepted." You will also receive an email from the asset (i.e. Laptop Cart) saying that "Your request was received and is pending approval." Once your request is reviewed and all information provided is correct you will recieve an email stating that it was accepted.