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Lightspeed Filtering

Unblock Procedure

The new Lightspeed filter allows faculty and staff to submit sites for review, simply by clicking a link on the Lightspeed block page:
Please continue to submit all requests at least 2-3 days in advance, to ensure ample time for processing and testing.  Do not wait until the last minute to test the functionality of the site you wish to utilize; once you are notified (by email) that a submitted site is unblocked, verify that all site functionality is working properly.  If you encounter issues after a site is unblocked, submit a ticket to the Web Help Desk.

Override Access

We will not be utilizing a general override password for the Lightspeed filter.  Unlike X-stop, the new system includes the capability to unblock sites for individual users, eliminating the need for a general override.

Logging In

On district computers, a separate login is not required - your credentials (domain username and password) will automatically be submitted to the new Lightspeed Internet filter.  If you utilize a non-district PC, or a non-PC device (iPad, etc.), you will be prompted to login to the Lightspeed filter before being able to access the Internet.  Utilize your domain username and password to login (the same one you use to login to your computer).